As a child I could only dream of owning a dog. I recall being over friends' homes spending more time with their dogs than with them. I was always told no one in my family would ever have time to give a dog any exercise... Now I do just that, as a career.

   I have always been an athlete and and avid runner. My interest in fitness played an important role in my choice to study nutrition in college. I have always felt that diet has played a major factor in accomplishing any one of my physical achievements. Never did I think I'd be reaching such goals for dogs!

   When I finally did become a dog owner in 2003, the energy level of my boxer, Sadie, matched mine perfectly. Watching her run gracefully beside me on our very first jog triggered something. It put both of us in our element. When we passed by dogs on leisurely walks, they often seemed heartbroken they couldn't join our little pack. It occurred to me that running, for the active dog, is more of a necessity than walking.


Years later and tired of the same job, I was researching dog diets and came across alarming statistics in exercise deprived and obese dogs. It was then I decided to incorporate all of my ideas and start a business to make a difference with weight control in dogs.

I am very fortunate to have been able to combine my education and passion for both animals and exercise into my very own business. I truly love what I do and I know that you will too!