Chris has been running our two boxer for 4 years now. My husband keeps joking that both of our dogs would cheerfully dump us in an instant and follow Chris home. They are so happy to see him. Tucker runs like the wind and is able to enjoy just being free with Chris in a way that is not available to him any other way. Tucker is a rescue dog and can be tricky. Chris has always been very calm and gentle with Tucker. I know that Tucker is in good hands with Chris.

Chris is very reliable. If he has to cancel or change appts, he calls me and keeps me informed. He let us know when Tucker limped a bit on the walk which helped us find a cut between his toes I might never have found otherwise. I am comfortable with him having our house codes and being in the house when we aren’t there. When I was pregnant with our second, he carried all of my groceries up to the kitchen from the garage. He is just a thoughtful, kind person and we count ourselves lucky to have him for our dogs.
— Amy, Arlington

Chris really cares about our Schnoodle, Fistik. Fistik is always excited when he comes to walk him, and always meets him at the front door. One day, Fistik wasn’t at the door when Chris arrived. Chris searched for him and found him lying on the couch in the living room not moving. He seemed just fine that morning, but was rapidly stricken with an infection. Chris checked him for spider bites or poisoning, called me. Fistik had a very high temperature and was in a lot of ;pain. I couldn’t get home for a few more hours so Chris took him to his veterinarian right away, without hesitation.

Chris’s actions really saved our little guy from the further suffering and deterioration. I have always felt like Fistik was in good hands with Chris, but after that day, I know with great confidence, Fistik will be well looked after. He’s very reliable and trustworthy. The peace of mind I have knowing that Chris is there to help our with Fistik has been a blessing.
— Cindy, Arlington

Every evening, Kai, my lab, waits eagerly at the door for her nightly run with Janelle. She has been extremely reliable even when Mother Nature does not cooperate. At times, I have called upon Janelle when I was in a pinch and needed Kai to be let out, she always replies promptly. There is great piece of mind knowing that kai is using her puppy energy by jogging, rather than by chewing on cushions! We thank you Janelle!

In addition, I strongly recommend the social groups that Doggie Jogs provides, they have been extremely beneficial for my Kai. Her interaction with other dogs has really paid off! Thank you for your amazing service!
— Kathryn, West Medford

I would recommend Doggie Jogs to anyone who is serious about getting their dog proper exercise and working with a professional.
Through interval jogging and adequate walks. Chris has done wonders with Lu Lu’s behavior and weight. Overall her health has never been better. Thank you so much!
— Jacob, Lexington